Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy. This extends to digital privacy, so we strive to be completely transparent. TLDR: We don’t share or monitor any activity. If you have any questions please contact us at our main domain or via email at [email protected]. Our terms of service, where applicable, apply to our privacy policies.
Data Creation
At registration when you fill out the form and submit the data, you are agreeing to create an account. A SOCKS5PROXY account will be created for you with the details supplied. This account will be applicable for use on our domains and GUI applications. You may request to delete this data and account at any time for any reason.
Personal Data
The only data we have is the data you give us. We don’t require any personal information. Upon creating an account you agree to supply us with your email address (and any other entered data). This email address may be used for future communications. We only use personal data provided in order to issue our proxies services and ensure all services all fully working and functional. Any passwords or sensitive data is either encrypted or not saved.
We may send occasional emails to inform you about to status of your account. Any of the following will receive an email alert:
-Account Creation
-Account Termination
-Service Cancellation
-Payment failure, success
-Payment status
-Reset Password
-Account Change
-Note from S5P
At any time you are free to end or update methods of communications with us. Again, you can always reach us at [email protected]. We will respond asap.
Data processing
In any case that we need to process any data you provide, we will fully comply with applicable laws. This is achieved in order to maintain, update, and provide a complete experience for the user. This helps with communicating with you(our users) whether it's for security purposes or administrative matters.
We will defend SOCKS5PROXY and our users under any cause.
Some of our paid services may be through a subscription. Please understand timeframes/estimates of subscriptions may change. If you would like a custom subscription contact support. If you were offered a discount it may only apply for a specific timeframe of the subscription. Please check all details before paying for a service or subscription.
Third Parties
We do not share any information with any third parties for any reasons. Everything that happens at Socks5 stays at Socks5.
We hope you enjoy our services, feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback!
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Our S5 Proxy is the largest commercial residential proxy service in the world. More than 50 million fresh residential IPs, support ISP and city-level flexible positioning, and easily integrate third-party software and scripts!
Due to policy, this service may or may not be available in mainland China. Thank you for your understanding!