Terms of Service
These terms of service outlines your applicable use and agreement with services provided by SOCKS5PROXY LLC (a.k.a. Socks5proxy, socks5, S5P). Please read the following in full before any access of services provided by SOCKSPROXY. By access of this site, or any domains/ips/applications/services owned by SOCKS5PROXY, you understand and agree to the terms provided by SOCKS5PROXY.
We may change any part of the site, services provided, or these terms at any time and without any prior notice. Feel free to provide feedback on any changes it is greatly appreciated. It is your duty to check for these changes. We will regularly update the proxy application as well as the site. Our main domain is socks5proxy.app please bookmark or write it down. Your continued use of services provided by S5P constitutes an agreement to any changes.
Use of Services
Socks5proxy may, at any time and without prior notice, discontinue your use of services provided to you by S5P in partial or its entirety. We do not control, nor are we responsible for any data, content, or products that you may come into contact with. But we have the authority to block, terminate, or suspend any information, application, products, or access. We provide services to where legal. Not for citizens of countries where it is illegal. It is your responsibility to check laws applicable to your location and find out the legality of any services provided by S5P.
Acceptable Use
You agree to use all services by S5P in a civil and legal manner. Any illegal use of our services constitutes a criminal offense, which we are not liable for. Again we are not liable for any illegal use nor illegal activity. The following is a list of actions prohibited:
-Spamming or sending any spam messages
-Spiking the bandwidth or any activity that will limit or affect the use of other users
-Unauthorized use of any device or network
-Trying to “hack” S5P in any sense. This extends to the use of services not intended by S5P
-Any attempt or conspiracy of actions prohibited
Copyrighted Material
We do not accept infringing on others' copyrighted material. This also extends to Socks5proxy. You may not copy, reproduce, or distribute any services, ideas, or methods used by Socks5 in partial nor in entirety. We respect our users, so we expect our users to respect us as well and only use our services as conditioned by Socks5.
Refund Policy
In any rare case something is wrong, we will 100% refund. You may also request the refund to be in the form of credits to be used with Socks5 at a later time. We do Not offer refunds if bandwidth has already been used. And we do not accept money laundering. If a user cheats or attempts to cheat the system it will result in a suspension or ban.
No spamming. No phishing.
Disclaimer of Warranty
Services at times may vary. Services may not be available during updates. By accessing the site you understand services and their terms. By accessing the site or purchasing you accept and want these services and their terms. We do not tolerate chargebacks of any kind. We work hard to provide our users with the highest quality of proxies and services. We also work just as hard to make it easy for users to use so don't mistake ease of access with low quality! SOCKS5PROXY provides the highest quality http(s)/socks v4/5 proxies with the lowest prices. But provide is all we do, we are not liable after that.
Limitation of Liability
Socks5 is not liable under any circumstances. This extends to any gains/losses or consequences of using our services. That is solely applicable to our customers, and more specifically to the specific proxy user. We respect your privacy, read more about our privacy policies on our Privacy Policy page. We expect you to not harm nor attempt to harm S5P in any manner as well as any services provided nor any of its owners.
By accessing or use of our services, you adhere to all terms and agree to defend S5P in all cases. You are not to attack or cause negative effects to SOCKS5PROXY LLC in any manner. Whether financial, to its services, users, owners, nor any idea of S5P. You agree to notify us of any discourse.
Other terms
Agreement. You are in full agreement with these Terms of Service. Any use/access to Socks5proxy’s site, application, or service constitutes an agreement.
No loopholes. We may or may not comply with these terms at any time. But you always have to comply.
Severity. We may or may not comply with these terms at any time. But you always have to comply.
Authority. You are not to change any of these terms in partial nor in full. We may change these terms at any time without prior notice.
Report You agree to report anything that seems wrong or broken with Socks5.
We hope you enjoy our services, feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback!
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Our S5 Proxy is the largest commercial residential proxy service in the world. More than 50 million fresh residential IPs, support ISP and city-level flexible positioning, and easily integrate third-party software and scripts!
Due to policy, this service may or may not be available in mainland China. Thank you for your understanding!